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Fort Computer Repair | Fort Saskatchewan Computer Repair FAQ


Below are some Frequently asked questions that we get.

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Do you do housecalls?


Yes we do, we offer our clients computer housecalls for $95 per hour for home and $105 per hour for business, most jobs take an hour or two hours. Depending on the issue.  Senior Rate is $85 per hour.

Do you fix Macs?


Yes we do, we can repair any software related issues with Apple computers, we can also replace broken hard drives and test for hardware problems.

What forms of payments do we accept?


Fort Computer Services, offers our Clients Credit Card or Cash for payment options.

Will you repair my computer before providing a quote?


No, We always provide a quote to our clients before going forward with any repairs. We charge $30 for diagnostics and waive half of that fee if addition work is requested.

Are you local to Fort Saskatchewan?


Yes , we are a Local, Family Owned and Operated home business.

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