Removal of Malware/trojan/

hijakers/virus. This service provides cleaning and removal of any computer virus without losing your data. The flat rate for virus removal is

$85.00 - $100.00 depending of severity of the infection.

Virus Removal
Screen Replacements

YES! - WE FIX MAC & PC! & Offer Computer Repair Housecalls 6 days a week 9am-6pm

Below is a list of some of the Fort Saskatchewan Computer Services we provide, anything else not listed just call and ask @ 780-975-6300 or email us @ info@fortcomputerservices or click here on "Hire a Tech"



Sometimes accidents happen. Such as in a cracked Laptop LED/LCD screen. The cost to replace a laptop screen is $85.00 for the labor plus the cost of the screen. The screens range from $80-$130. Ballpark $185.00-$200.00

Hard Drives Die, sadly this is a fact. If your computer will not boot or is extremely slow. You may have a bad Hard Drive. Hard Drive replacements are 85.00 for the install with windows plus the cost of the HDD (bigger the drive more $). Ballpark $200.00-$250.00

Has your computer stopped connecting to your network? Is your laptop running slow? Printer not printing? No Problem. We offer on site support for hourly rates, $85 for business and $65 for residential per hour minimum 1 hour. * most jobs can be completed in the first hour*


Is your computer running slow? Computers, like cars, need a checkup/tune up. Let us tune up your computer for optimal performance. The flat rate for a system checkup/tune up is $65


Need a website made for your business? We can assist!

Have another issue that isn't listed here? Just call or email Fort Computer Services for a free consultation over the phone or email at

Web Design


​Slow Computer?


Hard Drive Failure's 
On-site troubleshooting

Fort Computer Services

Fort Sask Computer Help,
Fort Sask Laptop Repair​,
Fort Saskatchewan Computer Repair, Fort Saskatchewan Computer Support



T: 780-975-6300 or 


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